Gen1 - 145 Kw 


Gen2 - 890 Kw - 360 S9


Gen3 - 1.7 Mw - 1100 S9



Setting a new standard for industrial miners
High Power

This custom designed CryptoKube comes in a variety of sizes to suit your mining requrirements.  The maximum size is 53 feet long and can host up to 1.7 Mw of miners!  All Gen3 units can accomodate both ASIC and GPU mining rigs.

All weather

Steel construction with insulated walls make the Gen3 an all weather model that can withstand the harshest environments.  With a proprietary air recirculation system, the UL certified Gen3 can operate from -35c to +35c. 

Quick Delivery

The Gen3 CryptoKube utilizes a modular build process.  This process allows us to deliver large volume and quick turnaround so that you can be up and running faster than any other option in the market today.

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  • 16' to 53' long custom designed structure

  • 430 Kw to 1.7 Mw of power capacity

  • Capacity to host 320 to 1100 Antminers

  • Dedicated 15A breaker per plug

  • Operating temperature range

    • -35C to 35C​ (-31F to 95F)

  • Proprietary hot air recirculation for cold weather operation​

  • Automated temperature control

  • CryptoKube Gen3 fully UL certified

  • Full remote control automation

  • Hot weather evaporative cooling

  • Full network deployment (switches and CAT6 cabling)

  • 3.4 Mw Power Shelter (feeds 2 Gen3 CryptoKubes)

  • Onsite Setup services

  • Fully outsourced operations (we manage your mining operation

Generation 2

The power you need at the cost you expect

KubeData started to manufacture the Generation 2 CryptoKube in 2017 to meet the increased demand for industrial strength cryptocurrency mining.  The Gen 2 expanded on the original fresh air cooling design of our Gen 1 CryptoKube that we first manufactured in 2014. We have the most experience in the design and manufacturing of mobile crypto-currency data centers. No matter where you are located, the Gen 2 CryptoKube can be shipped to you easily and cheaply.


Our vision has always been to provide the highest quality mobile cryptocurrency mining solution with the lowest operating cost.  We bring decades of experience in traditional data center design and 5 years of experience in mobile data center deployment. There are many companies that are jumping into the market to capitalize on the current crypto-currency market surge. Only KubeData saw the market need nearly 4 years ago and has a track record you can rely on.


The Gen 2 CryptoKube is built in either a 20' or 40' ISO shipping container. Our 40' model can host nearly 900Kw of ASIC or GPU miners. As an example, that is a total of 378 Antminers that utilize fresh air cooling to operate in environments from 0C to 35C. These Gen 2 units can be deployed indoors in a large warehouse space or outdoors in a temperate climate. Full remote control capabilities as well as hot weather evaporative cooling options are also available.

  • Full remote control automation

  • Hot weather evaporative cooling

  • Full network deployment (switches and CAT6 cabling)

  • Onsite Setup services

  • Fully outsourced operations (we manage your mining operation)

  • 20' & 40' ISO Shipping containers

  • From 72 Kw to 890 Kw of power

  • Capacity to host from 50 to 378 Antminers or equivalent

  • Dedicated 15A breaker per plug

  • Operating temperature range

    • 0C to 35C​ (32F to 95F)

  • Starting at $38,000 USD​




Delivering Solutions Through Innovation

For over 20 years, AdvanTec Industrial has been the leading manufacturer, designer and integrator of custom enclosures, oil field skids and related products for commercial and industrial applications.They have also established themselves as an industry leader in custom enclosures, structural bending, pipe bending, low deformation bending and forming of structural steel.

As the manufacturing partner of KubeData Systems Inc., AdvanTec brings the manufacturing capacity to meet the largest orders in a surprisingly short timeline.  With multiple locations in Canada and the US, we are able to produce in high volume from a location closest to our clients, reducing the shipping cost significantly on large orders. 

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